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Jewelry is the accessory that really matters. Below is a calibration of ideas for your imagination.


How do you Compliment Your Jewelry with your outfit?

  • Utilize versatile fashionable jewelry piecesThe best things serve more than one purpose and that is no different with jewelry! Chose pieces that can be worn different ways and can be worn in different combinations to match with many outfits instead of just one. You can choose to layer several necklaces of different sizes to create a unique look and style to match your personality. A trendy combo of layered fashionable jewelry can compliment your outfit accents such as tall boots or a leather jacket. Another great way to choose versatile jewelry is to find pieces that work with exchangeable charms. You can keep it simple by wearing them individually or you can combine multiple charms on one chain.

  • Don't make your top and your necklace compete - one should compliment the other - Keep in mind your necklace length and style to be sure it is not competing with the design of your shirt or dress. If your top is busy, you could wear a simple, small chain or skip the necklace altogether. A simple, classic top can be matched with a long piece of simple, fashionable jewelry over it. Try a chunky, bold statement necklace when your entire outfit is simple.

  • Coordinate the length of your necklace with the shape of your top - Also note the shape of the cut your top or dress has when choosing a necklace. Deep cut necklines require a long necklace because the empty, uncovered space needs jewelry to create balance. A high neckline does need a necklace but you can still add a necklace to add beauty or compliment your outfit colors.

  • Buy items that are meaningfulFashionable jewelry that means something to you will help you show more confidence. Displaying your faith or an animal or other symbol will empower you and also act as a conversation stater.Your jewelry can become a more significant part of your day and can help you to connect with what matters most to you.